Balance the Budget & Reduce National Debt

Our federal government simply must get back to the same basic financial principle that every household, city and state must follow: spend less than you bring in. Our enormous budget deficits translate into an even larger national debt, which we need to begin reducing today. Utah’s example of fiscal discipline must be followed in Washington.

Stimulate Economic Growth with Tax Reform

Utah has demonstrated that a low tax rate, in connection with rapid economic growth and job creation, is superior in every way to a complex, burdensome tax policy which stifles the investment, hiring and entrepreneurship we need. Homegrown enterprises and out-of-state companies are doubling down on Utah due to a healthy business climate and simple tax policy. The same could be true for the rest of our country if Washington would reduce tax rates and simplify the code to ignite more economic activity.

Preserve Religious Freedom & Values

Religious freedom is one of our most fundamental rights protected by the Constitution and which many Americans have come to these shores, and this desert, seeking. In addition, the moral values taught by most religions are correlated with better life outcomes and less poverty. I will fight with any means necessary to defend and protect religious freedom. Utah ranks at or near the top in volunteerism, charitable donations, two-parent homes, and protecting the lives of unborn children. I am firmly pro-life and believe in the sanctity of marriage. Our values hold everything else together.

More Jobs, Less Poverty

Despite operating on a lean budget, Utah is the best in the nation at helping individuals move from poverty and dependence into self-reliant, middle-class workers. Our country is already spending trillions on a variety of government assistance and entitlement programs. By emphasizing work, common sense and community-driven solutions we can lift more people out of poverty and reduce federal spending in the process.

End Federal Government Overreach

Programs and policies are more effective when administered at the state and local level. More aggressive efforts must be made to rollback unnecessary and burdensome regulations and stop federal encroachment on our liberties and freedoms. Both the outcome and the process of the Obama administration’s Bears Ears designation are perfect examples of federal government overreach, and President Trump’s executive order is a step in the right direction.

Fix Healthcare

The disastrous implementation of Obamacare is another example of why the federal government should not be given more power or more programs to manage. Individuals were forced to drop their existing plans despite promises that this would never happen and double-digit premium increases appear to have become the norm. Democrats and Republicans share a desire to see more families have affordable access to healthcare—yet even on this metric, Obamacare has failed. We need a bipartisan long-term fix for healthcare that follows free-market principles and revives competition in the healthcare marketplace, which will lead to both better quality and lower cost.

Protect our Homeland & Care for Our Veterans

Our federal government’s first responsibility is to provide for the common defense of our nation. We must ensure our military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies are equipped with the best people, technology and training in the world to respond to existing and anticipated threats. We have a sacred responsibility to fulfill the promises we have made to the honorable men and women who have served our nation and protected our freedoms. They deserve the benefits they have earned and the quality of their healthcare should be a symbol of our nation’s gratitude.

Stop Illegal Immigration

We must have strong border security and enhanced employer verification requirements to finally put a stop to illegal immigration. Law and order must prevail in our society. With Utah’s continued economic growth, we also need a healthy legal immigration system to recruit the best and brightest to our state.

Second Amendment

I am a firm supporter of our constitutional right to bear arms. I have been a Utah concealed firearm permit holder and will defend and protect our second amendment rights.